Outlook 2016 Not Responding–Solved 2

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Since getting my Surface I’ve had trouble with Outlook not responding. It’s been either more or less with the different iterations of Windows 10 but always there. A while back I opened a forum post on TechNet about it. Microsoft person gave me all of things I had already tried: uninstall outlook/reinstall. Run in safe mode. Remove all add-ins. Delete and make new profile. Delete ost. Nothing changed it and the debug logs showed a .dll error but the version was correct, so a dead end.

Fast forward several months and a couple of people piggy back onto my post with the same problem. Various varieties of Surface. Again no solution but one person reports that he switched from datalink to the Microsoft wifi to his second monitor and it’s working better. This prompted another guy to ponder whether it was video related. Turned off hardware acceleration for outlook only and it fixed it. Fixed it for me too so keep this in your quiver.

In Outlook. File, Options, Advanced. Check the box next to Disable hardware graphic acceleration.


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2 thoughts on “Outlook 2016 Not Responding–Solved

  • VN

    SP4 has had trouble with serious issues with graphic drivers since release (confirmed by Microsoft Support). Besides the built-in graphic drivers, there is also an issue with Outlook and Displaylink drivers on Surface Pro 4….. hence disabling hardware graphics acceleration witll resolve the issue.