Ransomware Prevention Kit updates 2

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It’s that time again. Back in August we published updates to the Kit that included updated GPO’s, Resources, De-cryption keys, FSRM list, and a sample fake ransomware.

Today I’ll be updating the kit to include an updated GPO deployment powershell script that was contributed by Robert Pearman, a new video series called Ransomware Bites, by Susan Bradley, a new document on the excellent CompTia education resources you can use with your clients, a new document on the impact of ransomware on OneDrive and Sharepoint, Susan’s Ransomware and Prevention GSEC paper and an update to the introduction document to bring it up to date with the new feature set in the Kit.

The new powershell script builds upon the one originally contributed by Mitchell Milligan. In this new script you are able to set the OU’s into which you want the GPO’s to be applied. It also pulls the GPO’s from an excel spreadsheet so you are able to easily update the GPO’s without having to alter the script. This is some great work by Robert.

Ransomware Bites is Susan’s new short video series which will review a different method of preventing ransomware. She’s kicking off the series with Use it or Lose it where she goes over how to modify your flash settings in the browser. It’s one of the techniques that we have in the kit and since Flash is a major focus of ransomware writers today it’s a great way to prevent the ransomware from getting in, in the first place.

So, starting tomorrow, have a look in the Ransomware Prevention Kit OneDrive share to get these updates.

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2 thoughts on “Ransomware Prevention Kit updates

  • Rob Pelletier

    Just read that a recent locky variant uses dll files run by rundll32.exe.
    Seems like the .exe restriction in the user profiles won’t protect against that, right?