From inception to exit. A CEO’s journey

Cisco is having a two-day MSP focused conference later this month and Richard Tubb is leading a panel that I’ll be on with a few others. Get your questions ready and please plan to join us. There are a lot of steps along the way in your business journey so when you submit your question give us the one that causing you the most headaches right now.

Register here (it’s free!)

A CEO’s Journey: From Inception to Exit

As mentioned, I’ll be moderating a special session at Cisco Elevate entitled A CEO’s Journey: From Inception to Exit.

Firstly, as an IT or MSP business grows, many changes can be expected.

Therefore, we’ve invited a small group of world-class Managed Service experts for an honest discussion about how to grow your IT business and ready it for a sale.

The experts joining me will be:

As a result of the experience of the panel, I can tell you that some of the topics I plan to quiz the panel on include:

  • Employing and managing personnel
  • Making sales and financial decisions
  • Organizational change and maturity
  • Client relationships and how these evolve
  • Growth, acquisition and exit

We plan on making this session highly interactive, so please come prepared with your top MSP growth questions for our panel!

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