Marina Roos

Marina has been in business since 1989. That year she started her own IT company Roos ComputerWorks in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has been working with small and medium businesses and got to work with Lantastic and Novell networks, and then Microsoft programs and networks. At the end of 2003 she got a client who had SBS 4.5 and since then she got hooked on SBS. She was awarded MVP Small Business Server by Microsoft in January 2004 and has been re-awarded until 2015.

She has a wealth of knowledge about SBS in all versions, and has been doing remote support all over the world since 2005. She also shared her knowledge in several Microsoft forums as well as on until that site was put down in 2010. She was one of the Magical M&M’s.

From 2011 until 2016 she worked for ITProExperts (ne: SBSMigration) and became an expert in Swing Migrations. She was responsible for all the support tickets that were submitted by clients doing a migration (from SBS all versions to SBS all versions, from SBS to single servers, from single servers to SBS, Exchange migrations, SharePoint migrations).

Marina likes a challenge and won’t rest until she has solved the problem.

She likes to travel.

Skills: SBS (all versions), Windows server, Exchange server, SQL server, SharePoint, MultiPoint server, Terminal server (RDP), HyperV, general networking, AD, DNS, DHCP, IIS, StorageCraft, Sophos, Microsoft Office programs, Windows