Scott Abbotts

Scott has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. After a brief spell in corporate IT, he formed his own IT firm on Cape Cod in Massachusetts primarily offering Small Business Server systems and support. In 2008, he decommissioned his own servers, moved to the cloud, and hasn’t looked back.

Also, in 2008, he moved to a warmer climate. Sarasota, Florida became his new home base, but has enjoyed some long-term travelling to Europe, Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. Oh, and Key West, too! That’s another country, right? Wherever his travels found him, he has always been online and connected to the Microsoft cloud, first with Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint, and then with Office 365 since its inception in 2011.

Scott now resides in Clearwater, Florida, a little north of Sarasota. He enjoys a solitary lifestyle surrounded by tech toys and an incessant stream of current news. A veg*n during most of the last 25 years with a focus on health, he enjoys a clear-headed and disease-free lifestyle at an age when most people retire.

Scott is relentless about getting to the core of an issue. A recently completed project has been to assist an IT director in getting his 300+ end-users and their mobile devices onboard with Intune for their Dallas-based energy firm.

With over 5000 connections on LinkedIn, there’s always room for another, so please reach out.