Wayne Small

wayne small

Wayne Small has been involved in technology for over 40 years, designing and building his first computer before Nerds & Geeks were popular terms.  He was a Microsoft MVP focused on Small Business Server for over 16 years and has contributed to the global SMB community via international public speaking, online forums and mailing lists, and his involvement in the SMB IT Professional community.  Wayne runs his blog which these days focuses on a wider range of Small Business and IT Pro topics at www.sbsfaq.com.

In 2007, CRN Australia Magazine inducted Wayne into the CRN Hall of Fame for his community efforts, joining the likes of Bill Gates and other leading IT Industry personnel.

Wayne started a Sydney based SMB IT focused consulting company, in 1997 and following several mergers and acquisitions, is proud that his “little baby” now employs close to 60 staff servicing the technology needs of the SMB clients in Australia.  In 2006, Wayne acknowledged his core strength and passion lay in the technical side of things and stood back from running the business to work on cool technology within the business.  These days his role involves being the Technology Specialist and helping provide the right solutions for clients regardless if it’s onprem or in the cloud.  Wayne also spends a fair chunk of his time working on building cloud solutions within Australian based datacentres to support clients cloud requirements. Basically, a geeks dream.

Wayne and his Texan born wife live Downunder in Sydney, Australia.  Wayne has two children who are growing up way too fast.  He loves spending time with his family and has more recently come to the conclusion that life is way too short to not enjoy every moment of it.  You have 4000 weeks in the average human life, so he plans to make the most of each and every weekend.  Wayne also has learned to appreciate having cats in the household as his wife has a fondness for these furry critters (secretly he’s fallen in love with them but don’t tell her that).  Outside of work hours, Wayne enjoys getting out in the open and relaxing as far away from computers as he can.  He loves teaching anything he knows to anyone who wants to learn as he believes that when you teach others, you actually learn more yourself from the questions they ask that challenge your thinking.

Wayne’s key strengths are around Active Directory, DNS, Hyper-V including clusters and Hyper-V Replica, RDS environments and pretty much anything considered “on prem” including all versions of Small Business Server. He loves to analyse problems and business requirements to help consultants that need assistance in implementing complex solutions to meet their clients’ needs.