Been here before? Go directly to our finance tool

We’ve got a tool and rather than keep it to ourselves we’ve decided to share it with you and your clients. It’s a financing relationship designed for IT hardware and software projects. It’s so simple and fast.

You’ve got three options.

  1. Enter the total hardware and software and find out the monthly payment and term options
  2. Or Enter the payment you client needs to hit and find out how much she can afford to buy
  3. Or Enter the total sale amount and desire payment and find out how long the term is going to be


After that you can create a proposal by clicking the obvious button. Here’s all of the complicated information that you need to provide.

PropThen click Send Proposal and you’ll get an approval within 2 hours. Really, it’s that simple.

You can finance your purchases yourself or enter your clients information and let them finance it directly. The process is exactly the same.

Give it a try now. Go ahead and test it out. Then let your know clients know you can finance deals for them.