Advanced Helpdesk

helpdeskA HelpDesk for the IT Professional

Our helpdesk is a helpdesk for the IT professional. We are a group of people with deep technical knowledge. Our skills are available to you to help you resolve an issue, get “unstuck”, or plan and implement a project.

Open a ticket. We’ll contact you back. Tell us when you’d like to work on the problem next and we’ll meet you there – virtually of course. We will pick up where you left off. We’ll resolve the problem together or just get over the part where you’re stuck. The choice is yours.

We can also help you tackle a project, do the whole project for you, do a server migration, setup and configure or just about anything else that doesn’t involve working with your desktop users directly.

Don’t spin your wheels! When you need an expert in a specific technology area, we’re here for you. When you need another set of eyes on a real stumper of a problem, we’re here for you. We can get the work done right and fast so you can keep things moving for your clients.

Let us help you today. All you need to do is open an account and make a deposit.



New to Third Tier’s Helpdesk?

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