Microsoft 365: Don’t miss this setting! Today at 3pm eastern 1

Microsoft 365: Don’t Miss This Setting! 3-3:30pm eastern today. I’ll talk about the new Security Defaults that are coming in February, the impact on users and the settings you may have today that are incompatible with them and why that’s NOT a problem. Join me at 3pm eastern. Download a calendar reminder here:

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One thought on “Microsoft 365: Don’t miss this setting! Today at 3pm eastern

  • Charles Villalobos

    Thank you for doing the presentation. I found it very informative. I’ll look for the download link and notes in a future post. One clarification I need is how I get access to the Conditional Access policies. I’ve tried logging in to a couple of my customer’s tenants and all the options are greyed. I thought you mentioned nothing special was necessary, licensing-wise to edit Conditional Access, but that doesn’t appear to be correct. Thanks