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I serve on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council for small business partners. There are members of this PAC spread around the Country and we are charged with getting information out to the communities we participate in. As part of that effort I’m posting items related to the Microsoft partner program here on the blog. I hope that you will find them useful. There’s often that nugget that can get you a rebate, or a second-shot training voucher, a discount or licensing training that can end up making you more money. Keep in mind that this information is USA based. Right now, Microsoft has a lot of products on sale so this is your opportunity to save your clients some money.

SMBKitchen Project! A big part of being successful is being “in the know”. This is one of the goal of our Enterprise Solutions for SMB project at Third Tier. If you aren’t subscribed, go here to learn more and get signed up.

Attention UserGroup Leaders! Third Tier would like to offer a member of your usergroup a free subscription to the SMBKitchen Project. Hold a drawing, then send an email to let her know who won. If you’d like us to give your group an introduction to what this project is all about we are happy to do so.

Big Easy & Cloud Easy Promotions

Now is the time to take advantage of the Big Easy and Cloud Easy promotions. You can learn the details of each program at and

Here’s how it works, for those who aren’t aware:

When you resell through Open Licensing or via Online Services, your customer will qualify for Big Easy or Cloud Easy money. Microsoft will send a check to your customer with your company’s name on the Payable To: line. Then you and your customer decide how to spend the money using your services.

Have an opportunity that combines Open and Online Services? Double dip from both buckets. It’s that easy.

These promos expire on May 31st, so now is the time to execute. When you call your distribution partner for quotes, be sure to make sure to ask for a breakout of what the Big Easy or Cloud Easy dollars will be so that you can sell it and win each and every deal!

Get2Modern Promo

We now have less than 1 year of support remaining for Windows XP. It’s time to talk to organizations about moving on up. Many companies are required to be on a supported platform of products in order to be compliant for their business. Customers who remain on Windows XP after April 8, 2014, will no longer be on a supported platform. No more security updates. Manufacturers will likely stop producing drivers for Windows XP. Many customers have machines that will run a more current O/S already.

To help get organizations moved to a more modern desktop and productivity experience, we announced the Get2Modern promo.

Between April 8-June 30, 2013, customers can purchase Windows 8 Pro and Office 2013 Standard together and knock 15% off the price.

We even have a new Ready to Go campaign teed up and ready for you here.

Windows Intune Discount Offer

Windows Intune with Windows Desktop Operating System provides cloud based PC and mobile device management, anti-virus and malware protection, as well as an upgrade license to Windows 8 Enterprise – a great value for businesses of all sizes.
For a limited period, your customers can receive an incredible 20% discount off the standard subscription price of Windows Intune with Windows Desktop Operating System for up to 100 users** when they buy new qualifying devices from you. A qualifying device is any device that can be managed by Windows Intune.

Buy One qualifying device – get 10 user licenses of Windows Intune at a 20% discount
Buy Two qualifying devices – get 20 user licenses of Windows Intune at a 20% discount
Buy Three qualifying devices – get 50 user licenses of Windows Intune at a 20% discount
Buy Four qualifying devices – get 100 user licenses of Windows Intune at a 20% discount

And what’s more, the 20% discount will last for the life of the subscription, so as long as your customer keeps their subscription up-to-date, they will continue to receive the discount.
For full customer terms and conditions, visit:

Take an Exam for free the second time around

For a limited time, we are offering a 2nd Shot Exam promotion! If you don’t pass on the first try, get the 2nd attempt for free. See details at:

Go forth and do great things for your clients!

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