New Ransomware Kit Content

The ransomware prevention Kit has been updated and reorganized to better reflect our current thinking on ransomware prevention.

We continue to believe that it is only IT best practices that can prevent ransomware. This was reinforced by the most recent major outbreak that resulted from IT admins failing to apply security updates in the timely manner. We also continue to believe in the onion layer approach to security.

There is a new wrinkle though and it’s the cloud. Our edge has moved from the Firewall down to the User Credentials. Backups have become decentralized because they need to cover the cloud as well as the local files. Whole networks have become decentralized and so the Kit is evolving to reflect this new reality. Together this means that there are more moving parts than ever and therefore more places for something to go wrong.

Toward this end we’ve branched out into security policy and now Intune policy too. From FSRM to Defender configuration. From network to local OS.

This weeks update includes Intune policy with samples, export and import tools that will allow you to use them across many tenants. The creation of these policies reflects the inclusion of Intune in the new Microsoft 365 licensing groups. As businesses move from the Office 365 plans into the more secure laden Microsoft 365 plans these policies will form the foundation of new best practices.

ransomware prevention kit

Continued Support

There are two way to support our efforts at preventing ransomware infection.

If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund and continue to support our efforts in fighting ransomware please go to to make a donation.

If you would like to support the authors of this kit please go to and make a purchase.


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