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One of the significant differences in the minimum specs for installing SBS 2008 versus SBS 2003 was the minimum size of the C: partition needed for installation and operation. SBS 2008 requires a minimum of 60GB in the install partition or it won’t go. Those of us who were used to fighting the 12GB C: [...]

Recovering “Hidden” Disk Space Used on SBS 2008 C: partitions

With the release of Mac OS 10.6 (aka “Snow Leopard”), Apple has incorporated the ability to connect the Mail, iCal, and Address Book apps natively with Exchange 2007. Unfortunately, support for this is NOT available for Exchange 2003 servers. Here’s how to set up Apple Mail: Open the Mail app. From the Mail menu, select [...]

Connecting to Exchange 2007 from Snow Leopard Mail Client