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Since I found Third Tier and cannot stop singing their praises…

It’s been said that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but when I was tasked with upgrading our entire production network a little bit of knowledge was all I was armed with. Thankfully I knew enough to know that needed help. That’s where Third Tier came to my rescue, and I am so happy they did.

I ended up working one on one with Wayne Small, one of the most experienced and dedicated engineers I have ever met. His systematic and methodical approach guided me through the unknown and before long the mysteries that I faced were no longer as daunting as I had feared.

Not only did Mr. Small guide me but he also took the time help me understand the interconnectedness between every process, every role and right down to every mouse click. Working with Mr. Small was much more than a means to an end, it was truly a learning experience. He built upon the foundation of what knowledge I had, gave it structure and stability. More importantly, he gave me something I hadn’t possessed going into this project, he gave me the understanding and confidence I needed to tame this network and make it my own.

Since I found Third Tier and cannot stop singing their praises. So, if you are ever in need of high end technical support I urge you to contact Third Tier, and before you know it you too will be joining the choirs, and singing their praises.

Ding, Dong the dragons are gone…

Thank you very much for hooking me up with Wayne. Aside from being a really nice guy and easy and fun to work with, he’s so f***ing talented! Yes, yes, I know you know all of this, but I felt like tellin’ ya anyway!

Ding, dong, the dragons are gone!

My favorite technician to work with at Third Tier is

I know that anyone over at Third Tier will be exceptional. I do not have a favorite. I do love to read Amy’s business insights and all of her opinions, suggestions, and advice have truly helped me open my eyes. I love her business model and I thank her for sharing these topics.

When ever I open a ticket with Third Tier…

I know that we will have success in accomplishing the goals laid out in the current project.

Third Tier is IT support’s IT support. As a one person shop, I have many limitations in my areas of expertise. Third Tier has always been able to support my support.

When I open a ticket with Third Tier, I know that I will have access to the knowledge to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently. Everyone that I have worked with has been pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. I sleep better at night knowing that I have help at my fingertips if I need to get something done that I do not want to tackle on my own.

My clients love that I use Third Tier because…

It shows that I’m not afraid to consult with someone to get a faster resolution to the issue at hand.

My clients love that I use Third Tier because they don’t know I use Third Tier. From my clients’ perspective, their systems just work and their migrations go smoothly. They don’t know that we had a major power outage during an initial Active Directory migration, and that the support team at Third Tier spent hours and hours on a weekend cleaning up AD in order to save the day. They just know that the migration went smoothly.

My business benefits from our partnership with Third Tier by…

Having a resource to use on complex tasks or issues that we rarely work with and TT works on them frequently so they can find a fix faster

Allowing us to leverage experts in areas where we might not have someone on staff that can handle it.

Last time I opened a ticket with Third Tier…

The technician with whom I worked solved a very difficult problem involving the connection between a new Exchange server and a third-party data sync utility. I really had no hope that he would get things worked out as even the people who wrote the third-party program despaired of getting it running, and was delighted that the results were so positive.

My clients just want know that it’s fixed. They don’t know that I use Third Tier but…

Because the Third Tier team is so efficient, the time it takes them to resolve a complicated issue is typically half what it would take one of my technicians. In other words, Third Tier’s rate may be higher than ours, but so is their efficiency, meaning a lower bill for my client.

I’ve been to a Third Tier Brain Explosion, the content…

I’ve been to a Third Tier Brain Explosion, and the content was informative and entertaining. I attend several conferences each year, but the main reason I liked the Third Tier events over other conferences is size. The Third Tier events are smaller than the large mainstream conferences, but at the same time I find the speakers more relative to what I need from an SMB IT educational standpoint. Smaller groups plus better speakers, equals a win/win for me

And More

Every time I contact Third Tier to help me fix a problem at a client site, they are always professional, extremely knowledgeable, flexible enough to work within my schedule, and they always get the job done in the most expeditious manner! I’ve learned that I can always count on them!

I had told my wife to count me out for dinner with family, before contacting Third Tier. After this amazing fix, I was ready for our guests three minutes before they arrived. If I had used Microsoft Support it is likely that I would have missed that dinner and the evening. The third-party product knowledge that you offered saved my New Year’s Eve! That was quite the conclusion to an otherwise tough day.”

Karl Palachuk blogged about this experience using Third Tier. The bottom line: I’m glad I called on Third Tier to help me out when we were overloaded. I had a great experience, and I would use them again!