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If you donated to our scholarship fund you’ve earned a special place in my heart. I have a passion for IT and the community that we collectively make-up and those that we serve. Together we can help elevate the women that are here until such a time comes where equality has been achieved. Thank you for your donation.

If you ordered a ransomware prevention kit Your ransomware kit will be on the way to you shortly; they are sent each weekday evening (eastern time). Please look in your spam folder as many people have found their invitation there. The Kit will come to you as a shared OneDrive invitation to the address that you paid your donation from and it will be from a random address. So please look in that mailbox! It is the only address that we have for you. Together we can keep businesses safe from these things. Nothing is 100% and the landscape is always changing but the onion approach is a solid technique in security. The kit will give you plenty of layers from which to build your solution. Additional content may be added from time to time as ransomware morphs. We’ve put a lot of work into the many documents that are included in this kit. Go forth and build a great solution for your clients!

Thanks again,

Amy Babinchak and Susan Bradley