Understanding Public SSL Certificates and SBS 2

Our friend Robert Pearman has written an article on understanding SSL certificates, what they do, why they do it, how and where SBS uses them and why you need to update them from the original SHA-1.

Certificates are important to understand. Not only for your server but also for your website. The times have changed and now Google ranks SSL sites higher than non-SSL websites. SHA-1 is broken and it’s time to move on. This is a moving target today so understanding them is a critical skill.

Download your copy; it’s free.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Public SSL Certificates and SBS

  • Brent Ruggles

    Ransomware Kit? Dear ThirdTier I signed up and donated for the Ransomware Kit laast Thursday but still have not received it?


    • Third Tier Post author

      Brent – They are sent every day. On occassion recently paypal has failed to send out the notice of donation. ( grrr, btw ) Please contact amy @ thirdtier.net and tell me the email address you donated from and if possible also forward the paypal receipt. Then I can get you on the send or forward the original invitation.