Wayne Small

Country and Time Zone (in GMT):
Sydney, Australia +10 GMT

Wayne is an acknowledged expert and highly acclaimed international speaker, specialising in Small and Medium Business I.T. In recent image.pngyears, he has performed training on behalf of Microsoft Australia to audiences ranging from 20 to 500. He has been a special consultant to numerous vendors like BackupAssist, Trend Micro and StorageCraft, as well as being heavily involved in a volunteer capacity in the SMB I.T. Professional community.

He has been awarded the highly coveted MVP award (Microsoft Valuable Professional) – the highest commendation offered by Microsoft to a non-Microsoft employee, for 15 years running, in recognition of his services and contribution to the I.T. Professional community, and is one of only 3 in Australia to hold that title. Wayne is also the author of numerous publications such as including books, and various magazine articles, and has been invited to present in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and across Asia. In 2007, CRN Australia Magazine inducted Wayne into the CRN Hall of Fame for his community efforts, joining the likes of Bill Gates and other leading IT Industry personnel. Wayne has been involved in the IT Industry for over 30 years, starting with Computer hardware design at the age of 9 and then progressing to running his own computer repair business at the age of 12. He has held various roles over that time from Technical Support through to Account Management and Marketing Support. His focus is traditionally on the Small to Medium Business sector with some exposure to the corporate world as well.

Wayne and his Texan born wife live Downunder in Sydney, Australia.  Wayne has two children who are growing up way too fast.  He loves spending time with his family and has more recently come to the conclusion that life is way too short to not enjoy every moment of it.  You have 4000 weeks in the average human life, so he plans to make the most of each and every weekend.  Wayne also has learned to appreciate having cats in the household as his wife has a fondness for these furry critters (secretly he’s fallen in love with them but don’t tell her that).  Outside of work hours, Wayne enjoys getting out in the open and relaxing as far away from computers as he can.  He loves teaching anything he knows to anyone who wants to learn as he believes that when you teach others, you actually learn more yourself from the questions they ask that challenge your thinking.