What we do

Third Tier is made up of geeks who just like to geek. We are community oriented people who enjoy using our expertise to help you. We offer essentially 4 services. The bulk of our work is done in helping IT professionals get over what ever problem they have encountered that they need assistance with. We have experts in many areas, mostly Microsoft technologies, that are available to schedule some time to work with you.

Please click each item below for more detail.

  • Helpdesk for IT Professionals – Where does the Admin go for help? To Third Tier. This is the main thing we that do. We help IT professionals. Everyone needs some help from time to time. When you need help just open a ticket with us.
  • Tech Your Books – Also a function of our HelpDesk we can help you fix a problem in your accounting system, develop reports, connect your accounting system to your PSA tool.
  • Ransomware Prevention Kit: Best practices for IT management in the era of ransomware. Helping to keep ransomware off of networks since 2013
  • Scholarship Program: We offer a certification reimbursement program for Women looking to improve their futures in IT careers