Women in IT Scholarship Program

We raised money from our loyal customers to prevent ransomware and create this scholarship fund. The fund seeks to support women whether new to the field or looking to move up to prove their skills to future employers. We look around and can see that there are not enough women in technology. We don’t have the solution for that problem. Our goal is to make the women that are in this field more visible by showcasing their qualifications.

This scholarship will reimburse the exam fee for women who successfully pass an IT or DEV certification exam.

Here’s how to submit your claim:

Send an email to IPassed@thirdtier.net including your Full Name, Address, PayPal address. Then attached a copy of your passing score certificate, your payment receipt and picture of yourself.

Why are we doing this? Third Tier is a woman owned business. Back when I wanted to get into IT my aunt gave me the money to get my first certification. This is my way of paying it forward. Although now deceased I think she would be proud of my accomplishments. At Third Tier all of our staff are dedicated community-first IT Professionals and we would love to welcome more people like us into this wonder career choice.

*We’ll run out of money eventually. If you’d like to donate to help us continue program please use this button.

Our awardees include:IT scholarship IT scholarship IT scholarship Scholarship  LaDon