WSUS went out of control and we fixed it

WSUS is a great tool for managing Windows updates in a domain environment but it can also go haywire on you and very few people know how to get it back on track. It’s a database and a set of tracking files that determine which servers/computers need to have a particular update applied. It’s really a brilliant system so long as it’s working well. How do you know when it isn’t healthy anymore? Excessive disk space usage in a very big clue. This database, as all databases, do require maintenance to stay healthy.

Here’s a case where we restored WSUS back to health.

Client: Hi. I need some help with WSUS issues on an SBS 2011 Standard server. Specifically, WSUS use of disk space is out of control. Database file is over 12 GB, and there are 107K+ updates within WSUSContent folder, consuming about 105 GB. This currently results in only 30 GB free on the system drive, which is uncomfortably close to the 10% threshold. I can’t manually view/decline individual updates to in WSUS because of persistent “reset server node” error, and I have run Server Cleanup Wizard numerous times (including running individual cleanup components separately per some research I’ve done) but it always completes without freeing any space.

Probably related to above, this server hasn’t been patched in a long while because WSUS stopped auto-approving updates for the server. Client PCs are updating fine, FWIW. Lastly, the SBS Console isn’t reporting WSUS info, presumably because the latter’s settings were changed from the default somewhere along the line.

So in a nutshell I need assistance safely getting WSUS back on an even keel—first and foremost relinquishing the excessive disk space, auto-approving server updates so they can be installed via WU, and last but not least reconnecting with the SBS console

ThirdTier: I can help you with that. Do you have Skype so we can have a chat?

Thanks, Marina Roos
Third Tier | Support for IT Professionals

ThirdTier: In several sessions the WSUS was completely removed and reinstalled and configured properly. Several service packs were installed and the server was brought up to date.

Client satisfaction: Very happy with the expertise, timeliness of response, flexible availability, and followup. Thanks!

This client then proceeded to have us do some work on their exchange server too. Happy client, happy life.


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