M365 Admin: Make Money! Annual Subscription


How do you make money with Microsoft’s 365 cloud? If you have this question, then this series is for you.

  • Live 1-2 hour class
  • PDF implementation instructions
  • Email and Blog demand generation templates
  • Project checklist

A lot of people out there will claim to help you realize more value from your Microsoft 365 subscriptions, but few can actually back that up with consistent, quality content, and practical guidance that is grounded in “real-world” experience. Amy can deliver in spades. She cuts through the marketing and the technical jargon alike and puts everything into simple terms that illustrate the value quickly to normal business folks from all walks of life. The first session of the year paid for itself in the amount of time it saved me, and she is just warming up.

  • January: Bookings
  • February: Request Files
  • March: Power Automate
  • April: Forms as Excel front end
  • May: Forms as solution builder
  • June: Teams apps
  • July: Teams phone system
  • August: Microsoft Lists
  • September and October: Refresh office, Troubleshooting OneDrive (a gift from AskWoody)
  • November: Sharepoint templates. HR and Training sites
  • December:

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