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Solve a problem in your business

What is holding your business back? Let’s pick one issue and solve it. You’ll be amazed at how this invigorates your business.

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Know how before you buy a tool

Until you know how something is supposed to be done, please don’t buy a tool to do that thing for you. Vendors aren’t crutches.

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Using Azure AD for user automation

We hold ourselves to a higher security standard than most of our clients because we have access to many companies. Attackers have shown that MSPs are a huge target.

Internally we use Azure AD P2 features to manage ourselves and automate employee permission and application assignments.

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Microsoft mandates certification

The headline might be a little strong but in the new Microsoft Cloud Partner program, you’d be a fool if you didn’t read it that way, because in areas where you can score points toward your partner capability score is a section granting you points for staff with specific certifications.

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Mentor-led peer group waiting list

Our first mentor-led peer group has formed and begins meeting this morning. Peer groups have been an invaluable source of advice in my businesses over the years. I know that you’re going to find the same thing.