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Solve a problem in your business

What is holding your business back? Let’s pick one issue and solve it. You’ll be amazed at how this invigorates your business.

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EndPoint Mgt Concepts: Apply to the user or to the device?

Instead of simply computer or user group policies, we have now have policies and profiles of both device and user types and we can assign the user policies to devices and device policies to users. Sound confusing and it is. The choice is now yours to make but how to you make that decision?

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Your time is not everyone’s time

It’s the curse of being successful. Everyone wants your time all the time. There are several components to this problem. A core tenant of solving business problems is to make them obvious and not convoluted or obscured by other issues. So let’s solve one aspect of this problem.

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Amy’s sayings #8

I was reminded of this phrase the other day when I saw a post in a Facebook group aimed at IT business owners asking if anyone puts their business over their health.