Mentor-led peer groups

I’m a member of a mastermind peer group. These people have become my trusted confidants. They have helped me make my business better by providing me with a sounding board for new ideas, how to solve challenges, and resolving thought blocks. It’s an NDA situation where we are all comfortable telling each other anything. When you’re in a group like this, overtime these people become your lifelong friends. One of our members recently left as he’s taking a off-IT tack in his business and the reaction of one member “I feel like I’ve just lost a sibling” spoke for us all.

I have relied on Amy for coaching and consulting for many years and I’m grateful to have her as a resource. – Karl Palachuk

If you’d like to have a trusted group of business friends that can help guide you through any problem, then you need to join a mastermind peer group.

  • NDA
  • Meet once a month
  • Led by Amy Babinchak, long time MSP owner and Microsoft MVPs
  • Semi-Annual guest expert-talk
  • 6 members per group
  • 90 minute sessions
  • On-going conversations between members
  • $200 per month

I can’t stress enough just how valuable being a member of peer group has been to my business growth and maturity.

How do the groups run?

These groups are not random conversation. They are structured. Some groups will have a mentor. The group may occasionally have a guest advisor. Each person gives a short update. This is usually a “what’s new” moment. Then each person is given time for an ask. The time is strictly kept so that no one ever hogs the group and everyone is given equal time. Members keep each other accountable.

What’s unique about Third Tier’s groups? Each group will have a mentor. Amy Babinchak is our Peer group mentor. Semi-annually a topic will be chosen for the groups to gather and hear from an expert speaker. Between Amy, the expert speakers and your peers these groups will become an invaluable resource and a highlight of your monthly business activities.

Some of our groups will run for a specific duration of time and focus on a particular topic. By request, our first topic will be making the transition away from RMM, modernizing your business and moving away from always on remote access.

Our current group is full. We are taking requests to be added to the waiting list. One of two things will happen once you’re on the list. Either when an opening occurs you’ll be invited to join the existing groups, or when we have enough people on the waiting list to form a new group, we will and you’ll ben notified. To get on our waiting list please fill out this form.