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Amy Babinchak is the owner of Third Tier. She launched and operated a best-in-class MSP for over 23 years. She is a highly respected technology business and M&A expert, influencer, thought leader, speaker and author, and President and founding Board member of the National Society of IT Solution Providers (NSITSP). Amy’s industry recognition includes 18-time Microsoft MVP, MSP 501 recipient, Jay McBain’s 100 Most Visible Channel Leaders and SMB Nation’s SMB 150 awardee. Amy has created several opportunities for you to reach her communities though sponsorship.

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  • Direct email reach: This newsletter started in April 2024. The first month reach was 3287 opens with 2057 of those clicking on links in the newsletter. In June, we’re already about double these numbers.
  • Social media reach: 11,000 across 11 different social media sources plus additional posting into Facebook groups in the MSP industry.
  • Audience locations: MSP in the United States primarily with some reach into Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Competitor Analysis

Who is Amy Babinchak?

  • Awards: 18-year Microsoft MVP Awardee, Jay McBain’s top 100 most influential in SMB, MSP 501, ChannelPro visionary, Microsoft Small business partner of the year.
  • CompTia Executive Committee stints: Managed Services and Advancing Women in IT
  • National Society of IT Service Professionals: Founding member and President of the Board
  • Business Owner: 23-year MSP owner, 18-year Third Tier owner assisting IT professional with advanced technical needs
  • Developer: Ransomware Prevention Kit
  • Founder: Women in Technology scholarship program providing $10,000 in grants
  • Speaker at industry events in 2020 including: SMB TechFest, James Kernan Mastermind, ChannelPro, Microsoft Ignite the Tour, SuperOPS, Acronis, Channel Pro forums, Quest: The Experts Conference and Expert talks, Auvik: Frankly MSP, local user groups, M365 Virtual Marathon, Light up!, CompTia, ChannelCon, WiseHer, Channel Futures, and more. Amy has also travelled to Australia and England to speak at events.
  • Course development: Bigger Brains, Microsoft, Third Tier Brain Explosions, M365 Admin: Don’t miss this setting!, Making money from Microsoft 365, Business growth series.
  • Podcasting: The SMB Community Podcast co-hosting business topics for MSP’s
  • Groups: Ransomware and Security; EndPoint Manger, Defender, and Lighthouse focus on Microsoft 365
  • Writing: Tech Genix; Ask Woody; Third Tier blog, Harbor Computer Services blog; Acronis Modern MSP; Staples, Hornet Security, and more
  • Business Consulting: Focused on solving one problem the MSP has that is limiting their growth. Also M&A consulting.

Let’s work together to build a better more informed IT community!

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