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Here’s a quick description of the various things that we do to support IT firms and IT Professionals.

Advanced IT support services

We are a group of people with deep technical knowledge. Our skills are available to you to help you resolve an issue, get “unstuck”, or plan and implement a project. Don’t spin your wheels! We can get the work done right and fast to so can keep things moving for your clients. Let us help you today. All you need to do is open an account and make a deposit.


ASP is the continuation of the SMBKitchen Project. In this next phase we’ll be approaching the problem of how to survive as a small IT firm long into the future by looking at the problem from a business point of view. How do you take the Cloud message and move beyond the hype into actionable and profitable solutions for your clients? How do you stay on top of the changing technology landscape? How do you convert the Actionable Change Window from PIRC’s Law of Adversarial Disruption into proactive solutions? Just Register and Add ASP to your cart.

My Third Tier is back!

Sign up to add Chris Matthews to your staff. You can have him for up to 10 hours per quarter. This program gives you an easy way to increase the depth of knowledge in your staff. Buy just the amount of technical expertise you need instead of adding an additional employee. With this program you get direct access to Chris, tracking in our portal and Chris’s expertise at resolving problems quickly or handling projects for you. Just make the purchase under Payments in your account to get started.

“My favorite technician to work with at Third Tier is Chris Matthews because… he knows his stuff.” ,Bernard MacNeil Arctic Digital Ltd.

We pride ourselves on always being awesome. See our video testimonial from VarVid!

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