Limiting Azure Site Recovery Bandwidth Usage via Throttling 1

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There’s a noticeable item missing from the ASR on your Hyper-V server – It’s throttling. Many businesses will want to limit the amount of bandwidth used by ASR during business hours. Relax, it’s built it but just not maybe where you were expecting.

You may not have noticed but ASR installed Azure Backup. Why would you notice, you’re doing ASR not Backup, right? Right. But it turns out that ASR leverages stuff inside of Azure backup to do its job and it will respect any Throttling configuration that you add here. Here’s how:

Open Azure Backup. In the right hand column click Change Properties. Move to the Throttling tab and define your work hours and the bandwidth you want to allocate to ASR during work hours and non-work hours.Click OK and you’re done.



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One thought on “Limiting Azure Site Recovery Bandwidth Usage via Throttling

  • Chris

    Hello. I would like to try and throttle the bandwidth used by ASR during the day, But I cannot find where the Azure Backup agent was installed with my Azure Mobility Agent. I am using ASR 8.4.x