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How to Copilot

A list of our blog posts on Copilot. Start with Outlook and move through the entire suite at your pace.

How to Defender

This is a collection of posts about Microsoft Defender. How to set, configure, troubleshoot and implement.

My Prime Day favorite things (not Oprah)

Prime Day is coming soon. I hesitated to do this because I’m not a product hawker and I’m really not a gadget person. I know that’s weird for an IT pro. But in the end, I decided to share a few things that might go on sale. And something fun […]

an artist s illustration of artificial intelligence ai this image depicts the process used by text to image diffusion models it was created by linus zoll as part of the visualising ai

Blocking and monitoring generative AI in your network

Oh, my AI, what can be done? There’s lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) being spewed from the stages of conferences. But over here in the trenches we are the more practical sort. This isn’t just policy; it’s day-today IT and cyber security using Microsoft 365 Business Premium. What […]

MSP question of the week: Strategies for Determining Employee Compensation

from the SMB Community Podcast Determining the right amount of compensation for employees is a complex issue that many businesses face. In a recent podcast, Amy and James discussed their thoughts and strategies on how to compensate employees. The discussion revealed a wide range of compensation for the same skill set, […]


Where do you reset MFA for a user?

This is as much for me as it is for you, because I’m constantly forgetting where this is and it’s more common that resetting a password these days. To reset and require a user to register with MFA again, from scratch, Go to, then Users, click the User you […]

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What should your MSP drop or adopt?

We are in a period of rapid change. The next five years is full of drama for MSPs. This should all be information that you’ve already heard. But have you internalized it or operationalized it yet?

AMA on Cybersecurity in MSPs

Cybersecurity is a tricky subject for MSPs and I know it’s on everyone’s mind. Join me in this AMA, sponsored by SuperOps and let’s talk about these issues.