What are “Good Backups” when it comes to Ransomware?

I’ve been responding to multiple ransomware outbreaks for clients, and there’s something I’ve been noticing: having backups isn’t enough. They have to be “good” and that deserves some explaining. – A domain joined system with a “backup” share isn’t going to cut it. It will quickly be compromised. – An external drive that remains attached […]

you need to secure RDP

Fail to protect RDP and you will be hacked 1

For many resellers and customers, gaining remote access to their office has been “simple”.  They simply open port 3389 and forward it to a server or workstation in their office and they can gain remote access.  The problem however is that this then leaves the system vulnerable to breach via some pretty simple tools that […]

Tip: Getting into Safe Mode the easy way

One of ThirdTier’s excellent consultants, Wayne Small, has a tip for you. Here’s how to make getting into Safe Mode easy. There are times when you need to get into Safe Mode on a computer in order to fix things up and there’s no easy way to do it.  I’ve found through a number of […]

There’s a solution to mystery GPO settings and then there’s the cleanup and improvement afterwards

Occasionally you inherit that client where the previous IT people did them no favors and left an undocumented mess behind. In a recent case new Surface devices were getting mangled by something but what?   Client: Some back story: Have several surface Pro at client that loose the power option from the start menu, where […]

Can't find a GPO setting?