No February Patches. Go ahead and take a day off

None the less, Susan has updated the PatchGrid with the latest updates on previous patch issues. You can get your updated copy here. February Security patches on hold Our top priority is to provide the best possible experience for customers in maintaining and protecting their systems. This month, we discovered a last minute issue […]

How to differentiate your msp

It’s the burning question that so many are asking. There are so many MSP’s in the market and everyone monitors, responds quickly, has great staff, certifications, updates, backs up everything…finding your niche isn’t about the tools. It’s about the intrinsic things that make your business yours. My latest article explores the problem and offers a […]

January PatchGrid Contents

The promise of automatic updates that just happen without problems isn’t quite here yet. Here’s example: Internet Explorer will be separated out from other security patches for the Security only patch. So much for all in one! Also did you notice that there’s an Edge tab in IE now? Find out what else is going […]

Susan Bradley’s Past, Present and Future of Patching Windows webinar

Susan Bradley is our resident patch-o-holic, builder of the PatchGrid and contributing author of the Ransomware Prevention Kit. She’s presenting a webinar on what you’ll need to know about managing patching for Windows 10. It’s a brave new world which calls for new procedures and processes. The Past, Present and Future of Patching WindowsTuesday, January […]

December Patch Grid is here

Yes there still are patch issues. For example, Excel 2013 send to pdf is broken after security update if you’re using the click to run version. Find out what else is going on. A new patch grid has been uploaded and is ready for you. Get your updated patchgrid About Third Tier Established in 2008, […]

How to enable email encryption in Office 365

Originally published at So you’ve rolled out email, yay! But have you enabled your users to send secure encrypted email?  It is a very underused feature among small- and medium-sized businesses.  This makes me kind of sad because every business sends some personal data that should be protected. Quotes, bids, specifications, drawings, credit card […]