Patch Released–PatchGrid updated

This is a special edition of the PatchGrid due to the release of a patch. Microsoft continues to have problems with people not performing the manual steps required after you update WSUS for Windows 10.  There’s a part-two blog post on it now. Be sure to read up or you’ll find yourself in a very […]


Outlook 2016 Not Responding–Solved

Since getting my Surface I’ve had trouble with Outlook not responding. It’s been either more or less with the different iterations of Windows 10 but always there. A while back I opened a forum post on TechNet about it. Microsoft person gave me all of things I had already tried: uninstall outlook/reinstall. Run in safe […]



May Patches

The PatchGrid is updated with the May patch recommendations. It’s patch time gain. Susan puts together this excellent resource for administrators every month. And a small gift from Microsoft. Finally they feel our pain and have a special patch rollup for new installations of 7 and 2008 server. But read up because it’s not […]

A glimpse into our demographics

One thing that every business has to know is who their customers are. Well, when you are a business run exclusively over the Internet and you don’t actually meet your customers in person then we have to rely on what Google analytics tell us about you. So here’s a little glimpse into who Third Tier’s […]


Azure AD Connect Resync Steps

There are often times when you may need to reset your Active Directory sync with Azure. It’s not obvious how you would do it. Just re-running the AD Connect tool will not do it. The first time you run the tool, it will sync AD automatically. If you make configuration changes after the initial sync […]


How to Handle OPSLOCK in Server 2012 R2

We recently found that the old way of handling opslock through registry entries does not work. Powershell is the answer. Run the commands below to verify, disable and view your opslock status. Determine whether opslock is on or off How to turn opslock off. Use the first two commands View full status using this command. […]