How many times have you spent far more time on an issue than you should have?

We’ve all done it. That’s why Third Tier exists.We give you access to the experts that can get a project done or a problem solves so you aren’t spinning your wheels instead of making money. About Third Tier Established in 2008, Third Tier only works for IT Professionals by providing them with access to advanced […]

Michigan Regional Technology Day

We’re co-sponsoring the Michigan Regional Technology Day Topics are Internet of Things, IT Security Update, Selling Cloud Services, and Profitable Partnering. It’s a forward looking event but with some material that you’ll be able to implement right away. This event is being done via CompTia so it’s a vendor neutral space were you can get […]

Get into Susan Bradley’s Ransomware Prevention Class

Susan Bradley, co-author of the Ransomware Prevention Kit and Enterprise Security MVP, is holding a class on ransomware prevention for Penton. Course Agenda: Session 1: Network Protection Techniques for Ransomware – 11am ET File Resource Manager and Group Policy are just a few of the network protection techniques you can use to assist in […]

Patch Grid Status Update

A new patch grid has been uploaded and is ready for you. It included the update for fixing RWW on SBS 2008 if you’re still running that. Now that Microsoft has consolidate updates into roll-ups it’s going to be more difficult to pick and choose your updates. But there will still be post released issues […]

Ransomware Prevention Kit updates 2

It’s that time again. Back in August we published updates to the Kit that included updated GPO’s, Resources, De-cryption keys, FSRM list, and a sample fake ransomware. Today I’ll be updating the kit to include an updated GPO deployment powershell script that was contributed by Robert Pearman, a new video series called Ransomware Bites, by […]


Azure SQL New Trick–It makes suggestions

I’m supporting Azure SQL for an eCommerce client. We migrated them from on-premises into Azure to gain efficiency through scalability and redundancy. Moving SQL into Azure was the biggest challenge and required outsourcing to get it done (this is where Third Tier can come in handy). Recently I received an interesting email from Azure, letting […]