Azure SQL New Trick–It makes suggestions

I’m supporting Azure SQL for an eCommerce client. We migrated them from on-premises into Azure to gain efficiency through scalability and redundancy. Moving SQL into Azure was the biggest challenge and required outsourcing to get it done (this is where Third Tier can come in handy). Recently I received an interesting email from Azure, letting […]

New Ransomware Kit Materials Released

Things change and so it’s time to update the ransomware prevention kit. Some items are new, some are updated. Look at the file dates in the OneDrive share to determine what’s been updated. If you’re already a Ransomware kit customer go to shared in your OneDrive account to review the kit contents again. Here’s a […]

Announcing the Women in IT Scholarship

Third Tier is very excited to announce a Women in IT scholarship fund. We are pleased to provide $10,000 to launch our scholarship fund. With this fund we will reimburse the exam fee for women who have successfully passed an IT or DEV certification exam. Exams fees are typically $150-$300. Why are we doing this? […]

How to Copy a VHD in Azure

I’m so glad that moving data around in Azure is easy now! It wasn’t that long ago that I had to move data from subscription to subscription or upload data from on-premises into Azure and frankly it was a pain involving loading several powershell cmdlets after first loading up all of the powershell modules that […]


Error uploading media into WordPress

Started to have a problem uploading additional photos into the media library in WordPress. When uploading it would appear to work, show the file there, but no preview and when you clicked on it to edit the file an error message presented that says the file contains no content. Solution: After opening a ticket with […]