Catherine Barr

Catherine has worked in the IT industry for 23 years in both corporate settings and the small business market where she offers MSP services.  Her valuable work history which includes network administrator, IT Manager, and business owner/operator provides an excellent set of general IT skills.  Her strength lies within the Microsoft network realm dealing with both server and client communications.  Catherine has worked closely with her clients in the last several years providing Office 365 cloud computing solutions

She is co-founder of a group in Southwestern Ontario called IT Alliance with a few other local "one-person IT companies" to share knowledge, find answers and help with extra coverage.  Cath sees the value of knowledge sharing. 

Catherine lives just outside of London, Ontario with her husband and two sons.  She escapes from her day in a kayak as much as possible!  She started a kayaking group that cleans garbage from waterways to help the environment.