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M365: how are we going to make money?

If we’d like to make more money from the cloud than we ever did from infrastructure, then I think we shouldn’t be worried. There’s more money to be made than there ever was in infrastructure

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Identifying home security needs

When the word IT is used, business comes immediately to mind but these days IT is needed in the home too. This isn’t a new notion. I have a book on my shelf, called Mommy, why is there a server in the house? It’s an adorable, narrated book explaining the […]

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Amy’s sayings #3

Adopt, Do I really need to know that, and you’ll find that the clarity you have on everything in your business will improve.

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Reducing the number of false positive in MCAS

Getting MCAS setup should have been your first task but if you missed it, enriching the data will help you train MCAS and reduce the number of false positives and purely information alerts.

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Amy’s sayings #2

Of all of the phrases I use to run my business, this one probably translates most directly to the bottom line.

Offer these power automate projects

In our previous sessions we’ve been introducing your clients to new applications that they find useful. Now we’re going to introduce them to automation of their everyday tasks