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The trough of success

“The trough of success” perked my ears. Used in context it’s a phrase that means, you are continuing to feed on past success and being stuck there at the trough of success is a guarantee of future failure.

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The invasive Otter

In today’s meeting, a person I met with was sent a meeting recap from “me”. Otter had joined a meeting that I was invited to and then emailed them that person a recap of our meeting. I was very disturbed by this event

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How to secure your network from OAuth permissions

You will have now prevented misleadingly named apps, potentially malicious apps, apps with misleading publisher names, apps performing unusual amounts of file downloads, the addition of credentials to OAuth, and apps with a strange ISP for an OAuth.

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Useful AI: IFTTT Summarizer

As I find useful AI assistants, I’ll write up a little bit about my experience because finding good ones has already become like finding a specific tree in a forest.