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Onboarding a new user with a single word

I’m going to show you how adding a single word to a user’s profile in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) can kick off an entire onboarding process and move user add/remove from an IT task into an administrative assistant task.

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Steps toward no RMM

What does no RMM mean? It means not subscribing to a third-party tool to manage Microsoft products

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Fixed: RDP not working after Windows 11 H2 update

After updating to Windows 11 H2 2022 we found that the computers were no longer able to connect to a remote app hosted externally by the application owner. The error message wasn’t exactly an error, it would just never finish connecting and display the message “configuring destination”.

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Blocking Fileless malware

It’s an Attack Surface Reduction rule and it is exploited in the wild, so it’s import to close up this vulnerability to fileless attacks.