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Amy’s sayings #6

We often hear this phrase used in IT as well but while it might be ethical to do nothing in medicine, it nearly never is in IT.

How do I export and import a form?

Say you’ve created a great form in Microsoft forms that you then want to use for another client. Can you export it from where it is and import it to another client? Yes, you can. In our Forms class Sharon touched on this and provided some resources. She also showed […]

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Amy’s sayings #5

A large part of being a technical support person is understanding the problem that you’re trying to solve. This one phrase prevents a lot of missteps due to assumption.

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This one has me stumped

In Outlook, I have a Quickstep. This quickstep generates a new email and populates a group of email address into the bcc field. The email that it generates will not send, nor will it be saved as a draft. The error message generated in Outlook is Something went wrong. You may want to try again.

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Amy’s sayings #4

Today it’s the one that my staff knows me best for. How do I know that? Because often when asking me for some advice or an idea on how to tackle a technical issue they will start the question with, I know it’s always DNS but

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M365: how are we going to make money?

If we’d like to make more money from the cloud than we ever did from infrastructure, then I think we shouldn’t be worried. There’s more money to be made than there ever was in infrastructure