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Error setting up Identities in Defender

To resolve this error, you need to remove three security groups from Azure AD. These groups were created by default in your tenant but have since been deprecated by Defender.

How to Defender

This is a collection of posts about Microsoft Defender. How to set, configure, troubleshoot and implement.

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How to use the Azure AD conditional access templates

Finally, there is an easy way to deploy a base set of conditional access policies to users, devices and apps in a tenant. Microsoft calls it Conditional Access Templates and you will find them in Azure AD – Security – Conditional Access – Conditional Access Templates.

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Onboarding a new user with a single word

I’m going to show you how adding a single word to a user’s profile in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) can kick off an entire onboarding process and move user add/remove from an IT task into an administrative assistant task.