How to: Business topics

  • What should your MSP drop or adopt?
    We are in a period of rapid change. The next five years is full of drama for MSPs. This should all be information that you’ve already heard. But have you internalized it or operationalized it yet?
  • AMA on Cybersecurity in MSPs
    Cybersecurity is a tricky subject for MSPs and I know it’s on everyone’s mind. Join me in this AMA, sponsored by SuperOps and let’s talk about these issues.
  • How Customer Appreciation Can Boost Your Business
    You can gain all of those benefits, if you do customer appreciation right. If you don’t your customer appreciation might just get lost in the shuffle.
  • Embracing Change and Growth in your MSP
    Opening an MSP is easy. Building an MSP is hard. Establishing a grow pattern is harder. Building culture is the hardest part of running an MSP. I’ve shared a lot of the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years. It can summarized as follows: This summary reflects the overarching principles for managing and evolving a business… Read more: Embracing Change and Growth in your MSP
  • Amy’s sayings: The answer is always Yes
    Do not confuse this phrase with the customer is always right or that you have to ask how high when they ask you to jump. Yes, is about empowering your employees.
  • Announcing our Microsoft 365 Newsletter
    This newsletter is a curated blog roll of the 8 most important topics published by Microsoft in the previous week.
  • Crafting Tailored MSP Services: The Art of Creative Solutions
    For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the process of developing a robust set of services transcends mere compilation; it is an art form that requires a deep dive into creative thinking.
  • The trough of success
    “The trough of success” perked my ears. Used in context it’s a phrase that means, you are continuing to feed on past success and being stuck there at the trough of success is a guarantee of future failure.
  • MSPs have to change their business model in 2024?
    I’m going to leave that right there for you to ponder.
  • How do you manage ongoing learning and keep up?
    How do you find the time to learn? How do you find the time for your staff to learn? How do you motivate them to learn? How do you motivate yourself to learn?
  • How to: Business topics
    This is a collection of my posts about running an MSP and successful business strategy and theory.
  • How to Copilot
    A list of our blog posts on Copilot. Start with Outlook and move through the entire suite at your pace.
  • Why some firms don’t choose RMM
    Once adopted RMM becomes the foundation of your business. Is that the foot you want to step forward with into the world?
  • Promoting Eye Health Among IT Professionals
    The wave of digital transformation across industries has placed increasing demands on the information technology (IT) industry, urging its professionals to stay on top of their skills and competencies. As discussed in a previous post, one of the critical areas in the IT profession is self-management, which involves being organized, responsible, independent, and open to… Read more: Promoting Eye Health Among IT Professionals
  • Newsletter alpha test results
    Create a news source that is focused on helping Microsoft 365 IT businesses by providing them with curated and summarized information, published by Microsoft and their MVP community
  • Mastermind and Peer Groups for 2024
    The value of these groups is in the deep trust and friendships that evolve over time. Having a career-long group of trusted advisors is a huge advantage.
  • Understanding AI use in Business
    I’m writing an on-going series on AI for businesspeople. What is AI? How does it work? How do you use it?
  • How to cultivate the self-managing employee
    I realized that type of person that I needed to hire, how to recognize them, and how to cultivate any short comings that they had.
  • New! Growth Focused Peer Group
    This is a limited time opportunity to join a group in owner-led growth. Ready to take the growth of your business seriously? Willing to share and learn?
  • Steps toward no RMM
    What does no RMM mean? It means not subscribing to a third-party tool to manage Microsoft products
  • Microsoft mandates certification
    The headline might be a little strong but in the new Microsoft Cloud Partner program, you’d be a fool if you didn’t read it that way, because in areas where you can score points toward your partner capability score is a section granting you points for staff with specific certifications.
  • What if you bought a condo and they didn’t give you the keys?
    What is the mind set of people that take this stance. How do they excuse themselves from the ethical question?
  • Mentor-led peer groups kicking off this month
    I’ve been in a group for several years that I value very highly and it’s made a HUGE difference for me. I want that for you too.
  • Your time is not everyone’s time
    It’s the curse of being successful. Everyone wants your time all the time. There are several components to this problem. A core tenant of solving business problems is to make them obvious and not convoluted or obscured by other issues. So let’s solve one aspect of this problem.
  • What if you stopped doing the things that are keeping you busy?
    We don’t set alerts on full hard drives because they don’t happen anymore
  • Everything I need to know about motivation I learned from Will Smith
    When you are telling me about a new film, I’m only half listening to you until you say “and Will Smith is in it”. Now you have my attention.
  • Amy’s sayings #8
    I was reminded of this phrase the other day when I saw a post in a Facebook group aimed at IT business owners asking if anyone puts their business over their health.
  • Solve a problem in your business
    What is holding your business back? Let’s pick one issue and solve it. You’ll be amazed at how this invigorates your business.
  • Updated! How to build the best local prospect list ever
    If you are struggling with how to make connections to local prospects, then this paper is for you. I show you exactly how to do it in LinkedIn
  • What is the optimal size for an MSP?
    Choose wisely and have a plan when you decide upon the size of firm you will grow.
  • Amy’s sayings #7
    Once you know your where your business is going then you can begin to not only work the business in that direction but also work toward giving away your job.
  • RMM meeting recording available
    Here’s the Q&A and recording for the webinar on running an MSP without an RMM subscription.
  • Managing an MSP without an RMM
    The question isn’t what you use for a central pane of glass without an RMM. The question isn’t how you access machines that are unattended or manage patching. The question is how do you do business differently? How you focus on customer service, security, true proactive action and projects that together make a positive improvement in your client’s businesses?
  • Amy’s sayings #6
    We often hear this phrase used in IT as well but while it might be ethical to do nothing in medicine, it nearly never is in IT.
  • Amy’s sayings #5
    A large part of being a technical support person is understanding the problem that you’re trying to solve. This one phrase prevents a lot of missteps due to assumption.
  • Amy’s sayings #4
    Today it’s the one that my staff knows me best for. How do I know that? Because often when asking me for some advice or an idea on how to tackle a technical issue they will start the question with, I know it’s always DNS but
  • M365: how are we going to make money?
    If we’d like to make more money from the cloud than we ever did from infrastructure, then I think we shouldn’t be worried. There’s more money to be made than there ever was in infrastructure
  • Myth: Small clients aren’t profitable
    Somehow, in our industry, the idea that small clients are bad for business has become a standard thought. It’s wrong
  • Identifying home security needs
    When the word IT is used, business comes immediately to mind but these days IT is needed in the home too. This isn’t a new notion. I have a book on my shelf, called Mommy, why is there a server in the house? It’s an adorable, narrated book explaining the features of Microsoft’s now defunct… Read more: Identifying home security needs
  • Amy’s sayings #3
    Adopt, Do I really need to know that, and you’ll find that the clarity you have on everything in your business will improve.
  • If they are attacking this website, then they are attacking yours too
    If you’re, your account has been compromised and is being used by criminals to attack my website. I do hold you responsible because you’ve ignored that message to change your password to something more complex and use two-factor authentication.
  • Amy’s sayings #2
    Of all of the phrases I use to run my business, this one probably translates most directly to the bottom line.
  • Offer these power automate projects
    In our previous sessions we’ve been introducing your clients to new applications that they find useful. Now we’re going to introduce them to automation of their everyday tasks
  • Amy’s sayings #1
    Does everyone have sayings that thier MSP runs by or is that just a me thing? I find myself often repeating the same advice to my technical staff
  • Improving online conferences – Survey says
    2020 was a rough year in many respects. One of the most difficult transitions was the switch from in-person to online conferencing. It was a problem for everyone! Organizers scrambled to quickly determine which of the many and varied platforms was going to fit their event best. Attendees had to figure out how to carve… Read more: Improving online conferences – Survey says
  • What Microsoft’s new auditing initiative means for partners
    My relationship with Microsoft is to acknowledge that I can’t change what they are going to do, but that I can figure out how to use what they are doing to my advantage. That’s exactly what I plan to do.
  • Microsoft really is coming for your clients this time
    There’s been a lot of false claims in the past that Microsoft was coming for your clients. But in this new round of intrusion into the trusted CSP-Client relationship, Microsoft really is coming for your clients. All around forums, user groups and social media the emails are being circulated and they are scary. In one… Read more: Microsoft really is coming for your clients this time
  • Create an Outlook template email
    Why do a repetitive task when you can spend your time more productively? Our technology tools offer many options for improving our efficiency but so many people don’t know how to do it. This year our education series for MSP’s is about just this. How to help your client’s employees be more productive through the… Read more: Create an Outlook template email
  • M365 Admin: Make Money!
    Everyone wants to know how to make money with Microsoft 365 but few can seem to figure it out. In this new series, Amy will present one new way to make money every month. You will add revenue to your business and your clients will be more productive and make money too. It’s one of those rare true win-win scenarios.
  • How to thrive during covid and the coming recession
    In late May and early June, Third Tier held a series of webinars and a podcast on how to take advantage of the available programs, how to position your business for a downturn, and how to market during a recession. Three key components of a successful long term business that knows how to manage a recession.  In this package you will find PDF’s, two webinar recordings, a link to a podcast recording and Q&A. We hope you find this information useful for your business as you prep for the future and move to put your business in the best position possible.