How to: Business topics

  • How do you manage ongoing learning and keep up?
    How do you find the time to learn? How do you find the time for your staff to learn? How do you motivate them to learn? How do you motivate yourself to learn?
  • How to: Business topics
    This is a collection of my posts about running an MSP and successful business strategy and theory.
  • Why some firms don’t choose RMM
    Once adopted RMM becomes the foundation of your business. Is that the foot you want to step forward with into the world?
  • Mastermind and Peer Groups for 2024
    The value of these groups is in the deep trust and friendships that evolve over time. Having a career-long group of trusted advisors is a huge advantage.
  • How to cultivate the self-managing employee
    I realized that type of person that I needed to hire, how to recognize them, and how to cultivate any short comings that they had.
  • Steps toward no RMM
    What does no RMM mean? It means not subscribing to a third-party tool to manage Microsoft products
  • What if you bought a condo and they didn’t give you the keys?
    What is the mind set of people that take this stance. How do they excuse themselves from the ethical question?
  • Your time is not everyone’s time
    It’s the curse of being successful. Everyone wants your time all the time. There are several components to this problem. A core tenant of solving business problems is to make them obvious and not convoluted or obscured by other issues. So let’s solve one aspect of this problem.
  • What if you stopped doing the things that are keeping you busy?
    We don’t set alerts on full hard drives because they don’t happen anymore
  • Everything I need to know about motivation I learned from Will Smith
    When you are telling me about a new film, I’m only half listening to you until you say “and Will Smith is in it”. Now you have my attention.
  • Amy’s sayings #8
    I was reminded of this phrase the other day when I saw a post in a Facebook group aimed at IT business owners asking if anyone puts their business over their health.
  • Solve a problem in your business
    What is holding your business back? Let’s pick one issue and solve it. You’ll be amazed at how this invigorates your business.
  • Updated! How to build the best local prospect list ever
    If you are struggling with how to make connections to local prospects, then this paper is for you. I show you exactly how to do it in LinkedIn
  • Amy’s sayings #7
    Once you know your where your business is going then you can begin to not only work the business in that direction but also work toward giving away your job.
  • Managing an MSP without an RMM
    The question isn’t what you use for a central pane of glass without an RMM. The question isn’t how you access machines that are unattended or manage patching. The question is how do you do business differently? How you focus on customer service, security, true proactive action and projects that together make a positive improvement in your client’s businesses?
  • Amy’s sayings #6
    We often hear this phrase used in IT as well but while it might be ethical to do nothing in medicine, it nearly never is in IT.
  • Amy’s sayings #5
    A large part of being a technical support person is understanding the problem that you’re trying to solve. This one phrase prevents a lot of missteps due to assumption.
  • Amy’s sayings #4
    Today it’s the one that my staff knows me best for. How do I know that? Because often when asking me for some advice or an idea on how to tackle a technical issue they will start the question with, I know it’s always DNS but
  • Amy’s sayings #3
    Adopt, Do I really need to know that, and you’ll find that the clarity you have on everything in your business will improve.
  • Amy’s sayings #2
    Of all of the phrases I use to run my business, this one probably translates most directly to the bottom line.
  • Amy’s sayings #1
    Does everyone have sayings that thier MSP runs by or is that just a me thing? I find myself often repeating the same advice to my technical staff
  • You need to attend conferences
    When I started attending them, a whole new world of opportunity opened up and my commitment to IT as a career deepened.
  • Own a job or Own a business?
    As a one-person business though…are you really a business or are you just self-employed?
  • Creating a great business tagline
    A tagline sets up your first meeting with a potential client and the value of having that first step by a positive one is significant. Take some time for the introspection necessary to find a great one.
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