unverified remote app

RemoteApp – The digital signature of this RDP File cannot be verified

The following error was received on a client’s system this morning: RemoteApp The digital signature of this RDP File cannot be verified. The remote connection cannot be started. In this case the RDSH is using self-issued certificates for both Broker services. They had expired. Server Manager –> Remote Desktop Services […]

time server ntp

How to setup an NTP time server

Having a reliable external time server for your domain controller to sync with is important. By default some Windows servers are now configured to sync with the NTP server windows.time.com. My personal experience and that of some of my colleagues is that the windows time service is not the most […]

sharing between guest and host

Hyper-V: Set Up An Internal Network For Host/Guest File and Service Sharing

Here’s a quick and simple How-To for setting up network communication between a Hyper-V host, both Server and Windows 8/8.1, and any guests. Hyper-V Manager –> R.Click ServerName –> Virtual Switch Manager –> New –> INTERNAL. Note the description for the internal vSwitch. Click APPLY and OK Assign the newly […]

block permission inheritance

Folder permissions: properly disinheriting

We run into a lot of ACL corruption issues and access issues when a folder has not been disinherited properly. The following is the best method for disinheriting permissions a folder receives from its parent: Right click on the folder and click Properties Click the Advanced button Click the Change […]

join computer to domain again

How to rejoin a computer without losing it’s SID

This trick comes to be via my Active Directory study group. I suggest that everyone join a usergroup and/or a study group. It’s not that we don’t know AD, it’s that we forget or miss new features. A refresher course is fun too. Occasionally a computer will come “disjoined” from […]