Amy Babinchak

Country and Time Zone (in GMT): Michigan, USA -5 GMT

Amy is the owner of Third Tier.

She rarely takes on tickets at Third Tier these days but instead spends her time thinking about what Third Tier can provide to IT firms and IT professionals working in mid-size businesses and then implementing it.Amy Babinchak She gathers her inspiration from owning a small IT firm herself called Harbor Computer Services, in Michigan.

It is a constant challenge for firms to maintain expertise in as many areas as clients often need or to have enough staff to get through the busy cycles or to afford to hire the specialized staff necessary for certain projects. But where there are challenges there are solutions and Third Tier is designed to provide those solutions. Third Tier then isn’t just a solution dreamt up by anyone. It’s a solution built out of real needs that all of the staff here experience in their lives too. We are Third Tier but we are also one of you. That’s why we get you.

Now before you start to think that Amy isn’t a technical person, it should be noted that she’s been a Microsoft MVP since 2006 in areas as diverse as ISA, EBS, SBS and most recently Small and Medium Business Servers. She’s spent a lot of time with Hyper-V replication, terminal services, Azure VM’s Websites Storage and Replication, and Linux (whether she wants to or not)

In her free time she travels and sails. She’s also kind of known for maintaining a good work life balance though people have different definitions of what that means to them.

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