Welcome to our new site and store

We have an all new website, new helpdesk application and new store.

Our previous helpdesk system had reached its expiration date so it was time to move on. As long as we had to move on we figure why not change up a few others things too? So we did.

You’ll notice a new store that allows us to provide our kits, webinars, helpdesk time and soon more.

There is one big change in our helpdesk service. The cost of opening a ticket is set at $200 which will give you up to one hours of the techs time. Unused time is no longer left on account. Incremental time is now billed in 15 minute increments instead of 30 to make billing more accurate. We think that these changes are fair.

On the blog we made the decision not to carry old posts over in the new one. Instead we just brought over recent ones from the past year.

If you have any questions or run into any problems with the new site please let me know right away. You can email me directly at amy@thirdtier.net. Thank you for your continued support. We’re really looking forward to continue to provide services and solutions that support your IT professional business.

Make your IT business better than the competition. Help for IT Pros, TechYourBooks, Super Secret News, Women in IT Scholarship program, Brain Explosions, Configuration and security kits, MSP methods and more. https://www.thirdtier.net

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