M365 Admin: Special edition recording available

M365 Admin: Recording and PowerPoint
 CISA, Small biz security Thanks for registering for this webinar. As promised here is a link to the recording and the slide deck.  

A few people asked me for a URL for my LinkedIn paperHere that is. This is everything I did to add $600,000 revenue to my then 18 year old MSP in only 18 months using LinkedIn. I used LinkedIn to build a local following for my business. You can too. It wasn’ difficult at all.  

June 24th: We’ll continue our admin journey by deep diving into logging, extending those logs and setting up meaningful monitoring and alerting using built-in and cloud app security tools. As usual I’ll show you some easily overlooked settings and features. This will be heavy if not entirely demo, with as long as it take afterwards to answer your questions. The session will be recorded. It will be free to attend but $15 to view later along with the supporting materials.   Register using this link. In return you’ll get an email with the calendar invites and URL’s sent to your inbox. View previously recorded webinars in this series. Most are free. So if you’re new to this series you can catch-up.    
Please welcome our sponsor New for June!

We welcome MSP Radio’s, Business of Tech as our sponsor. If you aren’t listening to Dave Sobel’s unique 5 minute take on the daily news you should be. I have it set up in my Echo as part of my flash briefing and it’s available on all of your favorite podcast locations. Turns out Dave and I read a lot of the same materials and I love to hear his take and the “why do we care” summary makes it all very real for IT business owners. Give it a listen by clicking the logo.

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