Ransomware prevention kit

Back by popular demand, the Ransomware Prevention Kit. Two people went to the bother of tracking me down and reaching out to gain access to this kit. As they say, if someone goes to that bother there are problem many others that didn’t but would really like to get hold of this kit. So although it was once our flag ship product, sold thousands and funded the women in IT scholarship program, I had removed it from our product list. It is not back on. You can find it at https://www.thirdtier.net/shop

Back in 2013 I came up with this kit to prevent unwanted applications from running from the user profile and other selected locations. Although many ransomware variants still use this technique many others do not. I have not updated the kit since 2018 and it will not be updated further. That doesn’t mean that these techniques no longer work. It just means that they are no longer sufficient.

Our focus has now shifted to device, identity and modern file security practices. Soon you’ll see a new kit that offers these functions.

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