Offer these power automate projects

My M365 Admin: Make Money series continues on Tuesday March 30th with Power Automate. Power Automate is da bomb. In our previous sessions we’ve been introducing your clients to new applications that they find useful. Now we’re going to introduce them to automation of their everyday tasks. It’s not difficult to save an hour day by just taking a few annoying tasks off of a persons to-do list.

In this class, I’ll go through 4 different flows, explain how they work, how to set them and how to tell your clients about them.

From last month’s class: “The cost of attending Amy’s Make Money classes has the highest ROI among all my R&D expenditure. Amy did all the research and road map for me. I just setup the demo following the step-by-step guide from the class and start marketing the feature to my clients the week after.

Sign up! and I’ll show you how to make money on March 30th

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