This one has me stumped

It’s not often when I can’t find the reason for a technical problem but this one has me stumped. Maybe you can help me find the root cause. I’m a root cause kind of person. I don’t like to fix without have the why behind it.

In Outlook, I have a Quickstep. This quickstep generates a new email and populates a group of email address into the bcc field. The email that it generates will not send, nor will it be saved as a draft. The error message generated in Outlook is Something went wrong. You may want to try again.

Application event log records the same as above. There is no entry in the Office Alerts events log. Running the SARA tool results in no problems found. To see if perhaps the Quickstep was corrupt I deleted it and created a new one. This did not resolve the issue. I removed the mailbox and added it back in. Thinking perhaps there was a problem with the mailbox in Outlook. This did not resolve the problem.

The issues only occurs for one mailbox in my Outlook. I have four mailboxes. All of the other mailboxes can use Quicksteps without a problem.

My Bing search capabilities didn’t come up with anyone who has had an issue like this before. What’s your guess on why this is happening?

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