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This one has me stumped

In Outlook, I have a Quickstep. This quickstep generates a new email and populates a group of email address into the bcc field. The email that it generates will not send, nor will it be saved as a draft. The error message generated in Outlook is Something went wrong. You may want to try again.

stacks outlook categories

Pushing Outlook Categories to All Users

I needed to push a uniform set of categories to all users so that they could use the same set when categorizing Contacts in Outlook. This would facilitate the gathering up of information for marketing purposes. For example, we could then search across all mailboxes for Contacts in the Alternative […]

sending from an oulook alias

How to send email from an alias

To save a few bucks, I added a second domain to my existing Office 365 account which gave me two email addresses under that account – amy@thirdtier.net and amy@sellmymsp.com but it means that amy@sellmmsp.com is an alias of amy@thirdtier.net and by default you can’t send email from an alias in […]