Solve a problem in your business

What is holding your business back? Let’s pick one issue and solve it. You’ll be amazed at how this invigorates your business.

When discussing best-in-class profitability for IT firms, I use Amy’s companies as the benchmark. Her companies consistently hit a Net Profit Margin of 23% or greater, usually exceeding 25%. She runs a lean company with low costs and a focus on high profits. We can all learn a few lessons from her example. – Rayanne M. Buchianico, EA

We will work together for 3 months. You’ll provide some documents to define the problem. We’ll narrow it down to its essence and then a plan will be set in place to resolve this block to your continued success.

I have worked with Amy on various projects for more than ten years. She’s one of the smartest people, and best business owners I know. She has an extraordinary ability to boil decisions down to the basics and discover what really matters. Amy never looks at business from the constraints of the popular business model or fad. As a result, she’s not constantly changing directions based on what other people are trying this week. I have relied on Amy for coaching and consulting for many years and I’m grateful to have her as a resource. – Karl Palachuk

Who is Amy Babinchak? Check out my bio

I’ve found Amy’s perspective invaluable in changing our MSP for the better! Her help on how to replace a problem engineer with a great one was one game changer. – Ray Smith

How it works

You’ll fill out a form to provide Amy with a picture of your business and the challenge that you’re experiencing. Together we will determine what to work on for the next three months. Each month we’ll meet for an hour. You and I will have homework to do. We’ll continue our conversation via email. We’ll meet again to benchmark the progress. Have new homework. We’ll do that again in the third month. At the end we’ll see how well you’ve progressed toward the goal and make a plan for your continued success in reaching it.

  • Questionnaire
  • Request for documentation upload
  • 3-hour long Teams meetings
  • eMail conversations
  • Lots of homework with accountability
  • Option to join our peer group for on-going business improvement

Please send an email to and we’ll start our conversation, then you’ll purchase this consulting service for $1500.00. I’ll have you fill some forms and provide information about your service offerings, operations, P&L and more to familiarize me with your business and the problem you need to solve or maybe together we identify the problem. Then we’ll schedule our recurring meetings, and the work will begin. You’re going to do a lot of work. Make sure that you’re ready to make the commitment to improve your business.

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