Updated! How to build the best local prospect list ever

A couple of years ago I wrote down how I built such a great local LinkedIn following. Today, I updated that document with more details and also brought a few things up to the current day, because this Internet thing changes so frequently. 🙂

If you are struggling with how to make connections to local prospects, then this paper is for you. I show you exactly how to do it in LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter how urban or rural the area your business operates in. This method will work because it leverages your existing customers. If you don’t have existing customers, don’t worry, I show you how to make cold connections too.

Get the new version of this paper here: Updated! How To Build A Valuable Local LinkedIn Network – Ultimate Support for IT Pros – ThirdTier

Contents Include:

  • Make sure that you’re connected with your current customers
  • How to search
  • Customize Your Invitations
  • Connect with your customers network
  • Make cold connections
  • Clearing your unaccepted invitations
  • Build a relationship with your network
  • Establishing your expertise
  • Hashtag it
  • Four tips for brushing up your LinkedIn profile

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