Everything I need to know about motivation I learned from Will Smith

Once I was doing something that I don’t often have time to do. I was watching Oprah. Her guest that day was Will Smith. Will Smith is one of those actors that lives in a rare place. He lives in that place where when you are telling me about a new film, I’m only half listening to you until you say “and Will Smith is in it”. Now you have my attention.

There’s never been a Will Smith movie that I didn’t like. He’s a great actor and part of that greatness is being able to pick the right movie where that combination of great writing, great director and his acting will come together in the magical way that results in a movie I want to see. I trust Will Smith.

I can’t remember the reason why he was on Oprah that day. Likely he was on the talk show circuit promoting a new film. I can’t recall. What I do recall is the other thing they talked about. His drive.

I consider myself a driven person, one who came into my industry and career of choice because of a passion to help make small businesses more successful. Passion creates drive. But passion doesn’t always help you get up in the morning because passion is exhausting.

Will Smith, when asked how he keeps doing it all, every day, for these many years topping his success time and time again. When asked how do you do it Will? What keeps you going, Will? I’m paraphrasing Oprah and I’m about to paraphrase Will too. I hope they don’t mind.

He said, When I wake up in my beautiful house, with my beautiful wife and beautiful children, in my beautiful life, I say to myself, What Do I Have To Do Today To Keep This Going? And then I go and do it. Because I love my life. And that’s how I learned everything I need to know about motivation from Will Smith.

Now I say the same thing to myself because I too love my life and I want to keep it going. So what ever I have to do today to keep this amazing life going I will do. Me and Will Smith, keeping our amazing lives going because we like our lives.

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