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This very well might be the first in a new series. As I find useful AI assistants, I’ll write up a little bit about my experience because finding good ones has already become like finding a specific tree in a forest.

I’m on a quest to build a useful newsletter that only contains information from sources that I care about and want to keep up with. This led me to discover IFTTT’s AI Summarizer.

by AI Summarizer from IFTTT

We’ve had RSS feeds for decades and you get the titles of what has been published. But in this day of information overload what we really need is a summary of the article so we can decide whether or not to read the entire thing. For example, I love the publications by Microsoft, but there are so many and are so prolific, that there’s no way I’m going to keep up. AI has the time to read all of them for me.

How much?

The first thing to know if that you need an IFTTT Pro+ account which is going to run you $59.99 a year in the USA. You get a lot more than just the AI Summarizer so be sure to check out the feature set.

How does it work?

As with all of the recipes at IFTTT, it’s very easy to setup. Give it the RSS feed and it will look at each new post when it is posted. The Query is handled by AI Summarizer. Then just provide it the email address you’d like to the summary sent to. It’s that easy.

The recipe

Keep up with your favorite news sources and forget the rest. This is a great way to tame information overload. You can now unsubscribe from other stuff that is just taking up space in your Inbox.

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