attend conferences

You need to attend conferences

When I started attending them, a whole new world of opportunity opened up and my commitment to IT as a career deepened.

gray and brown mountain

Creating a great business tagline

A tagline sets up your first meeting with a potential client and the value of having that first step by a positive one is significant. Take some time for the introspection necessary to find a great one.

power automate bot army

Make your work like better with a bot army

Note: Flow is now called Power Automate What if there was an application, maybe even an artificial intelligence, that could watch over some of your tasks and do them for you? What if letting that AI do those things for you ended up increasing your productivity so much so that […]

OneDrive works

OneDrive is finally great

Microsoft long promised a functional and secure file-syncing solution that works. It took a while to get here but they’ve delivered that us and more.

email security

Protecting 365 email

New ways to secure email use old tools like transport rules, some are anti-phishing rules, some are cloud app security policies, some are conditional access.