Ransomware prevention kit

Back by popular demand, the Ransomware Prevention Kit. Two people went to the bother of tracking me down and reaching out to gain access to this kit. As they say, if someone goes to that bother there are problem many others that didn’t but would really like to get hold […]

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M365 Admin: Special edition recording available

M365 Admin: Recording and PowerPoint  CISA, Small biz security Thanks for registering for this webinar. As promised here is a link to the recording and the slide deck.   A few people asked me for a URL for my LinkedIn paper. Here that is. This is everything I did to add $600,000 revenue to […]

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M365 Admin: Don’t miss this setting! June edition

Because May got a bit crazy for me with webinars, presentations, covid activities, podcasts and a seemingly never ending list of things to do we missed May. To make up for that I’ll doing two M365 Admin: Don’t miss this setting! for June. The first one will cover the items […]