How to manually add a HotFix to WSUS 7

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Recently a hotfix for Windows 7 that needs to go out to every Windows 7 computer has had many people scratching their heads at the annoyance of having to touch so many computers. A HotFix is something you click on a link and download to an individual machine one by one right? Not necessarily so. RMM tools can help. But if you don’t have those, why not use WSUS? Calvin McClennan reminds us how to manually add an update to WSUS.

Contents of this blog post from Calvin McClennan, Canadian Small Business Sever MVP. Learn more about Cal

In WSUS, click on the server name in left column, then Import Updates in right column.  A new IE session to the Update Catalog opens – enter the KB and click search…


Select the updates you want then click View Basket…


The import directly to WSUS should already be clicked, then click Import and wait for download to complete…


If download fails – redo (it happens).

The newly available update will show on the All Updates screen for you to select to install as normal after the respective client PC’s have had their update check done.


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7 thoughts on “How to manually add a HotFix to WSUS

    • Ricky

      WDS will let you create driver packages to delpoy with images over the network. Not sure if that helps you at all, but its really cool once you get it working.

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  • Gawade

    What can I do about a Hotfix that does not show up in the update catalog?
    I have manually downloaded the 64 and 32 bit versions but I sure don’t want to write a script to push it out. WSUS should be able to do it! The fix is: KB2685088.

    • Third Tier

      If it isn’t in the update catalog then you could use group policy to push it out. But I would question whether the update has been superseded by others and might not be the correct one anymore first.