Hyper-V: Set Up An Internal Network For Host/Guest File and Service Sharing

Here’s a quick and simple How-To for setting up network communication between a Hyper-V host, both Server and Windows 8/8.1, and any guests.

  1. Hyper-V Manager –> R.Click ServerName –> Virtual Switch Manager –> New –> INTERNAL.
    • Note the description for the internal vSwitch.
    • hyper-v virtual switch
  2. Click APPLY and OK
  3. Assign the newly created vSwitch – Internal to the required VM(s)
    • assign virtual switch
  4. On the HOST: Start –> NCPA.CPL [Enter] –> Set an IPv4 IP Address
    • add IP to virtual switch
    • Use a different subnet for this network than anything else on the host’s NICs.
  5. On the Guest: Start –> NCPA.CPL [Enter] –> Set an IPv4 IP Address
    • add IP to guest
    • Note the host and the guest are assigned an IP on the same subnet.
  6. On either the Host or the Guest open Windows Explorer
  7. \\IPv4Address\
  8. Authenticate
    1. To host: Either MachineName\Username or DomainName\Username
    2. To guest: MachineName\Username
  9. Copy and paste files and access services as expected
    • map a location

If there is a need to work with UNC paths, HTTPS and certificates, and more then make sure to set up a small VM running DNS and ADDS if needed. One could also put DHCP on that VM to make addressing simple.

Originally posted in 2015 this popular post was migrated over from our previous blog

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