How to thrive during covid and the coming recession

We’ve had a tough go of it as our medical community gets their heads wrapped around how to fight the pandemic with the limited resources they have in ICU and emergency facilities. The world has had a tough go of it. The resulting policies have taken a toll on the economy. At the same time, the digital transformation of business has shifted into fast forward. Blockers on technology came off and new technology is rolling in at a breakneck pace. If you were lucky to have not be heavily invested in a verticals like retail and restaurants then you probably have experienced a boom as people moved to work from home and then slowly back to the office.

But we also have a deep recession and unheard of unemployment. IT firms have largely been shielded from this thanks to the aforementioned technology wave and federal unemployment bonuses and CARES act PPP/EIDL grants and loans. We have yet to feel the impact of this and the money that tax payers will have to return to pay the large debts that local, states and the federal governments have all racked up.

The good times will all come to an end and the recession will have to be dealt with and it will have an impact upon all of us. In late May and early June, Third Tier held a series of webinars and a podcast on how to take advantage of the available programs, how to position your business for a downturn, and how to market during a recession. Three key components of a successful long term business that knows how to manage a recession.

Every long term successful business has to develop the skill of predicting the future and making sure that their business is positioned correctly to take advantage of the business conditions that are coming, not just those that are here today. That is why we created this series.

Rayanne Buchianico spoke about managing your PPP and EIDL grants and loans within your accounting system. She also talked about how to right-size your business and more specifically how to figure out what right-size means.

Amy Babinchak and Janet Schijns did both a podcast and a webinar where Janet spoke about marketing during a recession. What do you have to do to speak to businesses that don’t want to hear another sales pitch? How do you go to market during a recession? If you master this skill then you can grow while others shrink.

In this package you will find PDF’s, two webinar recordings, a link to a podcast recording and Q&A. We hope you find this information useful for your business as you prep for the future and move to put your business in the best position possible. Go to our store to get it now. Because we want you to thrive, we made it free

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