Managing an MSP without an RMM

I’ve owned an award-winning MSP for 21 years (Microsoft partner of the year, MSP 501 and Hot 100, Best of the State of Michigan, and more) and we don’t use an RMM. We have 74 clients. We have 4 technical staff and 1 technical manager. We are more profitable that most MSPs. I know this because I also co-own an M&A consulting firm.

I’ve always been of the opinion that always-on remote access wasn’t safe and further that resident agents over time tend toward resource hogs. The recent attacks on Solarwinds and Kaseya have other MSPs considering whether RMM tools with always-on remote access are safe and how they would manage without an RMM.

The question isn’t what you use for a central pane of glass without an RMM. The question isn’t how you access machines that are unattended or manage patching. The question is how do you do business differently? How you focus on customer service, security, true proactive action and projects that together make a positive improvement in your client’s businesses?

I started in this industry because I loved the smiling faces of end-users when you solve a problem for them or showed them how to perform a task that was vexing them. I continued in this industry because I love to see the modernization and growth in my client’s businesses that occurs once we start working with them. Matching our tech skills to their business goals so we’re both marching toward the same goal is what continues to make this an interesting business to be in. When they make money, we make money.

Here’s a message we received from the client just the other day.

PS – UPDATE: the teams phone line combined with my social media post about our Jamaica Tourist Board rep being in the office got me a $108,000 DLV booking!

Bonnie, I can’t thank you enough for thinking of me when upgrading our phone lines. Without me being able to make a call out on teams, I may have lost this booking as it was a time sensitive matter!!!! 


I’ve been approached to help a couple of MSP business owners rework their business for higher profits and eliminate the dependency they have on tools. I’ve also been asked to do a presentation on this topic. I’m willing! But this isn’t a time for PowerPoint. It’s a time for discussion. If you’d like to pick my brain, talk about how to run a profitable firm without RMM, or agents of any kind, alternative tools, then let’s do that. As a now 16-year Microsoft MVP, my passion is helping my fellow IT professionals. I realize that this is short notice, but let’s talk about this tomorrow. It seems like the time is now. Please help me distribute this invitation. All with earnest intent are welcome.

Click here to join the meeting on Wednesday at 5pm eastern. Download the meeting invitation.

If you’d like to get a head start on figuring out how I run my business, then see my blog series Amy’s Sayings. They are all about managing an MSP.

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