Getting into the right mind set for MDM, MEM and MAM

In the days of old, we managed desktops and laptops. We installed apps. We installed updates. We installed security software and backup. We fixed problems remotely.

Today, we manage all devices includes iphone, ipads and android phone and tablets and it doesn’t matter if the device is corporate owned or personally owned it still has to meet certain standards. We push apps and decide which ones can be used for business purposes. No data resides on desktops and laptops. Updates install themselves. Backup is done at the tenant level. Data is king and we track and manage it wherever it goes. Security is managed through policy and sensors, not agents. We still fix problems remotely.

The life of managing data and devices is much more complex than it ever was. MDM, MEM and MAM are the tools of the trade and we manage all of it through a series of portals in Azure AD, Endpoint Manager and Defender.

Becoming modern

Microsoft is calling this modern management. Ready to begin the transformation? Join our mentor-led peer group and work together with others toward the same goal of transitioning and adopting modern management. It’ll set your business up for a successful future.

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